Crystal Heart - a colourful setting for Savage Worlds

Created by Up to Four Players

Become a Syn Agent, replace your heart with a Crystal and gain superpowers! (Also lose your mind, but just a little)

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Update #4: Everyone Say Nice Things and Two Heroic Agents
3 months ago – Mon, Dec 03, 2018 at 12:00:40 PM

We’re this close to getting the More Art stretch goal, making the book fuller and lovelier than anyone can imagine! Although now that I think about it, we’ve actually imagined it, which is why we want it. Because it’s going to be awesome. Please share the Kickstarter, or any of our free downloads, to spread the word around!

Much Talk About Crystals

During the past few days we’ve added a lot of links to new podcast appearances we made, all over the internet. If you haven’t checked the Actual Play and Media section on the front page since the Kickstarter went up, you should!

Through all of these interviews we’ve covered many, many aspects of the game and the webcomic, aiming to minimise possible repetition, so that those of you who enjoy our voices (let’s be honest - Aviv’s voice) will have something new to listen to with every podcast.

James Introcaso of Table Top Babble was kind enough to talk with us on his podcast’s 100th episode.  

The lovely delvers of DelveCast wanted to know what’s the deal with having characters (Rotem, Guy and Lily) who have characters (Muna, Mac and Raf).

On She's A Super Geek, Aviv ran a one-hour game that ended with everyone dancing.

The excellent players of the longrunning Actual Play podcast Fandible had Eran run a game with motherfreaking Agents on a motherfreaking train.

The self-promoting smart-guys of On the Shoulders of Dwarves, Eran's own RPG podcast, interviewed themselves to talk about stuff they haven't discussed anywhere else.

Finally, Ross from More Games Please - a blog about art in board games - asked us a lot of brilliant questions about our process. If you enjoy reading, this one’s for you.

Even more interviews and Actual Plays are coming soon, stay tuned! 

New Free Download - Two Heroics

In our Heroic Agent Creator pledge level we mention that there are 12 Heroic Syn Agents, two of which were already established by us. Their complete profiles are now available for download from the More Free Download section on the front page!

These two Agents can be used by the GM as allies, schemers, enemies (perhaps even Enemies), plot-movers, plot-shakers, or anything else. They’re Free Agents, meaning they can do whatever they want - and they want pretty weird things. Maybe dangerous things. When you check them out, remember: you might become like them someday.

Sharp-eyed readers might notice these Agents are built using Savage Worlds Deluxe; that's because the new version of our rules, which fits Savage Worlds' new version of the rules (Adventure Edition) is not yet fully realised. This is work in progress, end result might vary.

Update #3: A Free Adventure and New Stretch Goals (Bennies!)
3 months ago – Sat, Nov 24, 2018 at 03:22:47 PM

Did you watch us play the demo game? Now go play it yourself!  

Mixed Heritage, a free adventure for Crystal Heart, is now available on the main campaign page under More Free Downloads!  

The adventure should be playable in 3-4 hours. In the Savage Worlds community, this sort of adventure is known as a Savage Tale; we’ll call it an Adventure Shard. The adventure was first offered to our Patreon backers through our Crystal Ball initiative, which helped us create new material and get ready for this Kickstarter. We’ll be releasing more of these as the campaign continues, stay tuned! And feel free to share them. In fact, we ask that you do.

Bennies and More PDFs

Today we unleash two new Stretch Goals! The first is a new Bonus PDF, written by Eran and showcasing 10 Crystals from all over the Lands, ready to be discovered by your Agents, adventure seeds and feral manifestations included.

The second is Crystal-themed Bennies, made from thick cardboard (we prefer to avoid plastic) and showcasing a colourful array of Crystals. We plan on having 24 Bennies per package, which will be available as a new Add-On once the Stretch Goal is funded. We’ll have several different colours, which should be pretty useful - in Savage Worlds Adventure Edition there are some places where one should use “tokens”, which are different from Bennies. Just use Crystal Bennies of a specific colour, and you’re set!

Update #2: Funded! First Stretch Goals Announced
3 months ago – Sat, Nov 24, 2018 at 03:19:12 PM

Funded in less than 24 hours! Thank you all SO MUCH for your enthusiastic involvement with this project.

To be frank, we were somewhat uncertain about our goal. £12K is a lot of money to ask when you’re a first-time publisher, especially when it’s a setting book for an existing system (the potential audience is smaller). We’re VERY happy that you’ve helped us reach it so quickly, and we’re now looking forward to the next goal. Let’s hope it’s not too much of a stretch!   

*pause for laughter*

New Stretch Goals: Adventures and Art

Our first two stretch goals are new one-shot adventures written by Rachel Cruz and Tineke Bolleman; more details are now available on the front page. We aim to commission several more writers, mostly newcomers to the RPG industry, to write new one-shot adventures for Crystal Heart. That’s because the book is mostly Eran’s work, and while he’s cool and all, we’d like to see a more diverse array of viewpoints and give a platform to some new voices.

The following stretch goal is MORE ART. The Crystal Heart book is obviously going to be drawn by Aviv, with lots of brand-new characters, background, Crystals, charts, and what not. But we'd love to have DOUBLE that amount, we want to fill the book up with colour. Help us get to that stretch goal - tell someone new about this Kickstarter! There are even bigger things ahead, of course, when we fund these.

New Add-On: Extra Copy

Following the requests of several backers we’ve added a new add-on option for an extra physical copy, for £25 (plus shipping).  

More New Agents

After all 10 Heroic Agents were taken in less than four hours, we added the option to create new Novice Agents - and apparently you're into that as well, because we almost ran out of them too! We added 5 more, to a total of 10 Novice Agents to be created.

Update #1: Closing On The Goal! And a New Pledge Tier
3 months ago – Wed, Nov 21, 2018 at 07:23:28 AM

A huge thank you, everyone! We had an excellent first day. All Heroic Agents taken, lots of shares, heartwarming feedback, and by the time we wake up tomorrow (we're off to bed on this side of the world) we might already reach the goal. Woo!


Following the unexpected popularity of the Heroic Agent level, we sat down to think of new opportunities for you to create stuff, because you're clearly into that. The result is the new Pledge Level, New Agent Creator, which lets you imagine a Novice Syn Agent, ready to be played, or to be used as a partner or a rival. And most importantly, you get to create a new Crystal! These New Agents will be available as a bonus PDF. We wanted to have a lot of these anyway - for GMs, they're pretty useful to have around.

Please help us by sharing this page with friends, family and party members. We’ll post our first stretch goal after we hit our goal, and we hope to reach as many as we can, because we think they’re all awesome. This requires, more than anything, more backers!

See you tomorrow,
Aviv, Eran and Amit